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A Professional Corporation  

Law Offices of Donald Kilmer
A Professional Corporation
Our first duty is to obtain cost-effective solutions to your family law case.
If settlement is not possible, we will work hard
to obtain a fair and equitable judgment in court. 

Hiring a Lawyer


Hiring a lawyer should be a lot like hiring a good mechanic. If you knew how to fix your car yourself, you would do it yourself. If you knew the law and how to prepare a case for trial and present it to a judge, you would do it yourself.

But here you are shopping for a lawyer.

You want competent work and you want that work explained to you in plain language.

You want to know what steps are next and some idea of when the whole thing can done. 

And finally, you want someone who will not only solve your current problems, but who will suggest ways to stay out of trouble down the road.

You are in luck.

Before I became a lawyer, I was a mechanic.


We can represent you at all stages of litigation and/or mediation in your family law matter.

We encourage the use of our Alternative Dispute Resolution services (mediation, collaborative law and private judgments) for people who want to dissolve their marriage, divide their property and provide for the care and custody of their children without the time, expense or drama of court appearances.


We charge a fee for an initial consultation in increments of 30 minutes.
You can ask the lawyer any questions you want during that time.
If you hire us within 30 days, that consultation becomes free. (We issue a
credit for the entire amount of the consultation fee to your account.)
Call for a current price and to set a phone/office appointment.
"Because the law is more than just a business,
choosing your lawyer
should be more than just an economic decision."
Donald Kilmer, Attorney at Law